Biotech companies based in the Region  represent the 33% of all Italian biotech companies.

Equipped facilities

Many services supporting research activities and services supporting development and industrial exploitation activities, now on line, are offered to costumers.


BioMilano networks:
2 universities;
3 hospitals with strong research departments;
4 research centres;
3 science parks;
1 research consortium;
with leading-edge competences in  basic and applied science, in the field of treatment of cancer, neurosciences, nanotech, proteomics, biochip, immunology, chemistry and agrofood.


Lombardy Region

Lombardy - a creative and stimulating environment to support the change-over to a new economy of knowledge with new creative services in the field of research, development, consultancy - has, in Italy, a strong primacy in the field of biotechnology.


Lombardy count 126 organisations in the field of biotechnology.

Strong Science base and applied research with:
- 24% of Universities with (biotech) dedicated courses
- 20% of Laboratories accredited by MIUR
- 45% of IRCCS ( Scientific Institutes of shelter and healthcare)
- 25% of Parks/ Incubators

Clinical trials
17 products are in clinical trials:
- 6 in Phase I
- 7 in Phase II
- 4 in Phase III

Highly skilled researchers
Some 5,000 researchers at public and private institutes, some 30,000 students, producing 5,000 graduates each year in Biotechnology, Pharmacy, and Medicine Research and services at your service.